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interviewIA Secures $2 Million Seed Round to Expand HR Tech Product Offerings

DENVER, April 29, 2021 -- The Colorado Impact Fund is pleased to announce its investment into InterviewIA in a $2MM Series Seed round. InterviewIA is an interviewing solution platform that supports organizations in talent hiring. The company’s methodology and smart technology brings together interview training, process standardization, data intelligence and job/candidate matching into one platform. InterviewIA aims to minimize inherent biases that can skew the interviewing process. They do this by combining equitable and repeatable interviewing methods with data analytics to ensure candidates are more efficiently matched to job characteristics, all while maintaining the human-human engagements throughout the process.

As a Colorado investment firm that is committed to the growth of the state’s venture ecosystem, CIF is pleased to add another emerging Colorado company to its portfolio that is poised to deliver valuable impact. CIF led this Series Seed investment was joined by 3 other prominent Colorado investment firms: FirstMile Ventures, Rockies Venture Club and Stout Street Capital. The investment syndicate is proud to backs a diverse and experienced leadership team, led by Joe Thurman, on their quest to build better teams in organizations.


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