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Grace Oliva Named Partner at Colorado Impact Fund

December 19, 2022

The Colorado Impact Fund (CIF) announced today that Grace Oliva was made a Partner of the firm. Currently a Principal, Grace has been at CIF since its founding in 2014. A 2010 graduate of Amherst College, Grace lived and taught in Japan before joining CIF. She has developed both operations and investing experience in her time at CIF, serving as president of portfolio company Bhakti Chai and various other interim executive roles at CIF portfolio companies. Jim Kelley, Founder and Managing Partner of CIF said, "Grace exemplifies best the journey and ambition of impact investing through her own life experiences. She has inspired us all with her work ethic, intelligence and passion for elevating entrepreneurs from non-traditional backgrounds with capital and wise counsel.” Federico Peña, Senior Advisor at CIF since its inception added, “All of us at CIF are very proud of the extraordinary work Grace has done for CIF and the greater Colorado community. She is an astute impact investor”.

The Colorado Impact Fund is a Denver based venture firm investing in Colorado entrepreneurs whose companies bring positive community impact to Colorado and beyond. Through CIF Fund I and CIF Bridge Fund the firm has raised $85mm of committed capital from Colorado investors aligned with the mission of investing for impact within the State


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