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CIF Invests in Tortuga AgTech's $20 million Series A

April 8, 2021 - The Colorado Impact Fund is proud to announce an investment in Tortuga AgTech, an agriculture robotics company with a transformative technology to automate critical farm workflows. Tortuga completed a $20 million Series A round led by Lewis & Clark AgriFood, with participation from CIF, Root Ventures, Spero Ventures, Ceres Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Grit Ventures and Remus Capital.

Eric Adamson, co-founder and CEO, provided an exclusive to AgFunderNews. Tortuga came out of stealth last year with a strawberry harvesting robot that is flexible and adaptable. Tortuga's mission is to build a healthier society and a thriving ecosystem through smarter farming. CIF first met with Tortuga in 2018. Over the last 3 years, Eric and his team have made significant progress in improving the technology to unlock a compelling market opportunity.

Tortuga has a bold vision to fundamentally change the agriculture business by solving real problems with the optimal technology solution. The innovative robot-as-a-service model will drive major improvements in sustainability and profitability at the farm.


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