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Schoolrunner scores $1.5M from CIF, aims to grow US presence

Built in Colorado

(March 24, 2015)

Since starting with one school and 700 students in New Orleans in 2012,Schoolrunner, a Denver-based tech startup that helps K-12 teachers better manage their student information workflow, has grown to 72 schools across the country in markets including San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Newark and Memphis, impacting in total 50,000 students.

And three years into the business, CEO and Founder Charlie Coglianese can now hire the team’s first sales representative.

On Monday the Colorado Impact Fund (CIF), which partner Ryan Kirkpatrick said focuses on high-growth startups that have a positive community impact, announced it invested $1.5 million into Schoolrunner. Kirkpatrick confirmed that the CIF received an undisclosed amount of equity for the investment.

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