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TeamSnap raises $10 million in Series B funding

The Tech Bulletin

(September 17, 2015)

TeamSnap, a platform for organizing and communicating updates for sports teams, has raised $10 million in Series B round of funding led by Northgate Capital along with other investors that include Colorado Impact Fund, Crawley Ventures and Foundry Group.

Founded in 2009, TeamSnap is an easy-touse, indispensable tool for organizing and communicating up-to-the-second updates on every aspect of team life like match schedules, practices, equipment and volunteers. The tool is dedicated to take the hassle out of managing, coaching and participating in team sports. With the team of 60, the company built the tool with the mission to build a great product that would help any parents, team managers , group organizers with simple interface. Till date 9 million of them from 196 countries use TeamSnap’s web and mobile apps to update their team mates and others.

TeamSnap CEO Dave DuPont said, “We’re already engaging our customers before, during and after the game, becoming not just a tool for coordination but also the most trusted resource for ongoing training, planning and sports-related purchasing. We’re thrilled at the confidence in TeamSnap displayed by the investment community and what it means for our future. We’re excited to build on our team management market dominance and deep customer engagement to become the unifying sports team platform and marketplace for sports-related products and services.”

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