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CIF Supports Emerging Colorado Artists

The Colorado Impact Fund features emerging Colorado artists in its downtown Denver location.

Artists featured

Ana María Hernando


Ana María Hernando is a contemporary artist originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She makes paintings, sculptural installations, drawings, lithographic prints, and textile artwork with a layering of natural and formal elements. She currently lives in Boulder.

Kim Sullivan

Sky Watch.jpg

Sullivan’s abstract paintings are inspired by the phenomena found in the natural world along with weather charts and patterns. This wellspring of inspiration has been a constant throughout Sullivan’s painting career. It is the entry point from where Sullivan begins her imaginative exploration of underlying patterns and structures found in nature.

Bob Knox


Bob Knox is drawn to clarity, light and beauty in paintings. He values precision as well as spontaneity. Bob follows his own path and concentrates on one painting at a time, working from found photos and his own sketches. 

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Maeve Eichelberger


Maeve uses various and often fragmentary images and places them into an integrated whole.  Using plexiglass as a foundation, she layers her images to create vibrant and overlapping pieces, thus demonstrating the significance of observing life both sequentially and simultaneously.

Mark Friday

Tune a Fish #35.jpg

Denver artist Mark Friday uses found or discarded materials to create inventive and whimsical pieces that delight and surprise. His assemblage art engages the viewer with its variety of mediums, clever juxtapositions, and subtle sense of humor.

Bill Brown

Clouds 1.jpg

Bill Brown turns subjects from the natural world into large-scale abstracts using a combination of photographs and traditional art materials. These evocative works feature a naturalist's eye layered with depth, complexity and contrast to create stunning and surprising imagery. 

Will Lee-Ashley

No Victory without a Fight (I-III).jpg

Will Lee-Ashley’s works are mixed media, combining a base layer of photography with oil paint, pencil, pen, spray paint, charcoal, magic marker, and collaged elements.  There are many stories embedded in the work, some apparent, others more obscure.

William Matthews

John Grant.png

William Matthew’s artwork is widely exhibited around the country. Acclaimed watercolor artist, best known for his depictions of the American West. His work are part of a numerous private and public collections.

Mark Villarreal

Chelsea Bridge 42x68, oil on canvas 2015

Mark Villarreal continues to explore abstract paintings. Working on two canvas panels creating a dialogue between shapes and activating the canvas in a unique way. The paintings evoke joy and playfulness due to the palette along with the shapes across the picture plane.

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