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Venetian painting no.5-MX 72x40.jpg
Taino painting no. 6, 24 x 18 oil on pan
Venetian painting no.2-poz 71.5x36 oil o
Taino painting no. 3, 20 x 16 oil on pan
Too Marvelous For Words  8x36 .jpg
Chandra II, 22x34, oil on canvas 2014-20
A Night Like This, 20x52, oil on panel 2
Camunda_I 43 x 26.jpg
Matanzas painting no.1, 16x12 oil on pan
Matanzas painting no.2, 16x12 oil on pan
De Dar  60x26, oil on canvas 2015-2016.j
Chelsea Bridge 42x68, oil on canvas 2015

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