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In 2007, Bhakti was born with the vision of fusing sustainably sourced ingredients, artisan craft-brewed products and the values of triple bottom line business. This vision and leadership continue to permeate the company’s spicy chai blends by championing women and girls through charitable contributions and scholarships and blending beverages into a crusade for a better world. As a certified B-Corp, Bhakti is devoted to supporting a sustainable supply chain, reducing its ecological footprint and investing in the community. 

In addition to it’s commitment to sustainable production practices, Bhakti launched it’s GITA (“Give, Inspire, Take Action”) initiative in 2015, contributing and catalyzing giving by others to a number of nonprofits inspiring positive social change, particularly in the area of girls and women. 

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Founded in 2012, Schoolrunner is a comprehensive student data system that gives teachers and schools one place to track everything they care about. The platform aggregates student data across academics, behavior, attendance and communication in a single place that is easy for teachers and administrators to interpret and analyze. Schoolrunner is a user-friendly and integrated platform that allows teachers to harness that data to inform decision making and ultimately improve student outcomes. Built through a partnership with real-world users, Schoolrunner continues to incorporate educator feedback through user conferences, surveys, and frequent communication.



TeamSnap is dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing, coaching and participating in team sports. Founded in 2009, TeamSnap has a team driven to build a great product that any parent, coach, team manager or group organizer can pick up and use immediately. TeamSnap facilitates active and healthy lifestyles by promoting participation in athletics, especially among youth. Participation in athletics has been widely shown to improve academic performance, improve behavior and reduce absences. The platform enables parents to be more engaged in their child’s physical and community-based activities, making it easier to get involved either as a coach or parent volunteer. Eleven million coaches, parents, team managers and players use TeamSnap’s web and mobile apps stay in the know through email, text and instant alerts.



KM Labs develops and manufactures ultrafast, short wavelength laser technologies. Founded by Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane, two distinguished University of Colorado physics professors, KM Labs has product applications for the healthcare, precision manufacturing and semiconductor industries. The Colorado Impact Fund has partnered with Kapteyn, Murnane and co-investor Intel Capital to expand the commercialization of the company’s technology. CIF’s investment in KM Labs benefits the state’s higher education system through the University of Colorado’s retained licenses and minority ownership and is an example of how local capital can help scale disruptive intellectual property. 



Founded in 2012 in Denver, Galvanize provides educational programming in data science, web development, data engineering and related fields, as well as co-working space on seight ix urban campuses – four three in Colorado, and single locations in Austin, Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco, and New York, one in Seattle and one in San Francisco. Galvanize’s immersive 12-to 24-week courses are market leading offerings that result in high placement rates in jobs with high base salaries. Galvanize allows an increasing number of individuals to re-purpose their professional lives into more relevant positions in the economy while significantly increasing the earning potential of all its students. Galvanize is one of the emerging market leaders in the for-profit alternative education market, offering a differentiated product with proven results for students. These educational offerings are filling the much-needed gap between the demand and supply for technical talent that today’s employers are looking for.

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SecureSet Academy

Founded in 2015 in Denver, SecureSet Academy (SSA) offers the first bootcamp-style, comprehensive cybersecurity education program in the U.S. — and the fastest route to entry-level careers in the field. The Academy launched in response to the global shortfall of cybersecurity professionals needed to meet the rise in sophisticated threats worldwide. This intense, hands-on education ensures skills that are immediately applicable in intensive cybersecurity environments — leading to high placement rates and impressive student outcomes. SSA’s comprehensive curriculum and instruction model will help meet critical national demand for cybersecurity expertise and provide graduates with an attractive pathway to compensation increases and career progression.



Creative Natural Products, Inc. (“Chocolove” or the “Company”) was founded in Boulder by Timothy Moley and is the market leader in chocolate in the natural food channel. Chocolove is known for its high-quality products and unique flavor profiles as well as its high standards for sustainability and ethical sourcing of chocolate. Chocolove is representative of the continued growth of Colorado as a center of excellence and support for natural and organic food entrepreneurs. By investing in market leaders like Chocolove, CIF is helping to enhance Colorado’s reputation as an epicenter for high-quality, high-growth natural food companies



CirrusMD is a Denver-based healthcare technology company that allows providers and payers to offer virtual care to their patients and members by using their own physicians or provider networks through asynchronous communication methods, such as text or chat. Through the platform, patients receive integrated, continuous care from local providers at no out-of-pocket cost, resulting in higher utilization, improved outcomes and increased cost savings as compared to traditional outsourced medicine. CirrusMD has the potential to lower the cost of healthcare and increase access to quality care. A successful CirrusMD will contribute to the improved productivity of a strained healthcare workforce, as well as enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.


Maria Empanada 

Maria Empanada is a fast growing Argentinian fast casual restaurant that offers artisinal, hand-finished empanadas and other traditional Argentinian dishes in three locations across the Denver metro area. Founded by Argentinian Lorena Cantarovici in late 2010, Maria Empanada has become one of the nation's leading artisinal empanada restaurant concepts. By utilizing a hub and spoke restaurant model, each location can have a reduced footprint, lower operating costs and higher profit margins. Since the opening of the first location, Lorena has won numerous awards and has been featured on the Food Network and various local and international publications. Supporting female and minority-led businesses that are high growth and highly scalable is central to CIF's mission of democratizing entrepreneurship. 


Keystone Tower Systems

Keystone Tower Systems is a Westminster, Colorado-based company that has developed and patented a novel and highly efficient technology to produce large steel wind turbines using automated tapered continuous spiral welding technique. Keystone was founded in Boston by Eric Smith and Rosalind Takata, two MIT graduates, in 2011 and relocated to Westminster in 2014 given Colorado's position at the forefront of wind energy development in the US. The company's technology will reduce the cost of wind energy and increase geographies suitable for wind energy. 


Hope Foods

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Based in Louisville, CO, Hope Foods was founded in 2011 by a group of friends who had a shared vision to create tastier and healthier dips and inspire snacking enthusiasts to eat better, live better, and do better.  Since that time, Hope has grown rapidly, expanded its product lines and become the leading organic hummus brand in the natural channel.  All Hope products are manufactured in small batches using high quality and organic ingredients in a cold pasteurization process, so they retain peak flavor, texture and nutrition without adding artificial preservatives. Hope is on a mission to revolutionize the refrigerated dips and spreads category offering fun and exciting flavor profiles and creating new categories of products like their cashew and almond dips