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Luis Duarte


Luis is a partner of Imaginable Futures (IF), a global philanthropic investment firm working across public, private and social sectors to support local, national and global contexts for learners of all ages.  Prior to Imaginable Futures, Luis served as Chief Philanthropy Officer of ZOMALAB, the family office of Ben and Lucy Ana Walton, and as President of the ZOMA Foundation where he led organizational efforts to address challenging social issues in Colorado and Chile. Luis formerly worked as investments director at Gary Community Investments where he led the areas of innovation and impact investing.


Luis is a Colorado Governors Fellow, as well as an Unreasonable Institute Fellow. He has been an entrepreneur who has started a number of companies and worked across both corporate and public sectors. He is currently a board member on a number of IF’s portfolio companies as well as a director of B Lab and Gary Community Investments.  

He lives in Denver, CO with his wife, Vanessa, and their two boys, Mauricio and Luis.